EcoQuest Te Rarangahau Taiao

Te Rarangahau Taiao has layered meanings. It speaks of the questing for the natural world. It also conjures up the idea of weaving relationships to form webs of knowledge for sustainability. 

At heart, we believe well-grounded, well-rounded scientists and policy makers have a critical role in the kaitiakitanga (guardianship) of our planet; our programmes and services are designed for this purpose.

What We Do

EcoQuest offers ecological consultancy services and provide interdisiplinary education opportunities to promote sustainability.

The basis for the EcoQuest philosophy is the idea that sustainability can be achieved only when the natural environment, people and their culture, their socio-political, as well as economic realities and needs are taken into consideration. This is reflected throughout our organisation and in all our engagements.

The EcoQuest Education Foundation was established in New Zealand in 1999 as a Charitable Trust ( registered as a Charitable Entity under the Charities Act 2005) and we are an NZQA registered Category 1 (The highest!) training provider.

Our Vision

  • Catalysts for Sustainability through Education and Research.

Our Mission

  • To achieve sustainable outcomes through developing awareness of the relationships between the natural and built environments and people and their cultural, social, economic and political realities;
  • To enrich our place and people through service learning;
  • To encourage development of the heart and the spirit as well as the mind and body;
  • To foster global stewardship through international education.