Nau Mai, Haere Mai!

Kia Ora, Fakalofa lahi atu, Malo e Lelei, Ni Sa Bula, Kia Orana, Talofa lava, Aloha, Welcome!

Two decades ago, the founders of EcoQuest Te Rarangahau Taiao imagined a learning community where, through education and research, young, motivated people would become catalysts for  sustainability.

Te Rarangahau Taiao has layered meanings. It speaks of the questing for the natural world. It also conjures up the idea of weaving relationships to form webs of knowledge for sustainability. 

At heart, we believe well-grounded, well-rounded scientists and policy makers have a critical role in the kaitiakitanga of our planet; our programs are designed for this purpose. Good hearts, good minds, good science.

We run a range of courses and workshops for different levels, ranging from high school through to adult education. A selection of our courses are NZQA approved and can earn you credits.

Current Courses

Experience Ecology in Action

This summer EcoQuest Education Foundation is offering an exciting opportunity to attend a 5-day field ecology course.  

Experience Ecology in Action is for year 12 and 13 students. Aimed at providing a greater understanding of ecology needed at level 3 biology and environmental sustainability and to prepare students pursuing biological and environmental sciences at university.

At the EcoQuest field centre, you will learn about the projects our experienced faculty lead and you will partake in the practical field work involved in conducting our research. 

EcoQuest’s research has real community and conservation outcomes. 

When:26-30th April 2021
Where:EcoQuest Field Centre
How Much:To Be Confirmed
NZQA approved:No

A Season of Sustainability - Summer Workshops 2020/21

Maize to Masa : Nixtamalisation

Hands on learning about the process of transforming maize to masa. An introduction to the equipment and techniques for making masa at home, and an exploration of cooking with masa, from tortillas to tamales and more.

When:21st Nov 2020
Where:Golden Downs
How Much:$50
NZQA approved:No
Tutor:Willy Cameron

Shiitake Log Cultivation

An introduction to cultivating mushrooms on logs. Learn the process of growing your own spawn, selecting the right timber, and how to innoculate and care for logs through to harvest. Bring a drill, if you have one!

When:5th Dec 2020
Where:Golden Downs
How Much:$50
NZQA approved:No
Tutor:Willy Cameron

Queen Rearing for Hobby Beekeepers

A practical course for hobbyist beekeepers interested in raising queens for their hives. Learn the theory and bee biology relevant to queen raising and get to know the equipment and procedures necessary for success. With this information in hand the workshop finishes with hands-on practice with the grafting tool and manipulating larvae.

Experience needed – must have at least 1 – 2 seasons of beekeeping.  Successful completion of AFB recognition course desirable.  

Equipment to be provided by participant on the day – packed lunch, writing materials, bee proof suit, gloves, boots, and hive tool  

When:30th Jan 2021
Where:Golden Downs
How Much:$75
NZQA approved:No
Tutor:Scott Williamson

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