EcoQuest aims to provide and maintain, so far as is practicable, a safe, productive, and enjoyable sustainable learning community which:

  • promotes health, wellbeing, and respect
  • celebrates diversity and inclusiveness
  • provides culturally appropriate and whanau friendly learning spaces
  • fosters personal growth and community building

To ensure that our courses run smoothly, it is essential that students and staff adhere to the guidelines & policies. 

Deliberate departure from or ignoring of guidelines and policies will result in disciplinary action, including possible expulsion from the course.

The EcoQuest Operations Manager is the principal person responsible for risk management, and health and safety. Any questions you have regarding acceptable behaviour and procedures may be directed to the Operations Manager or any other member of the EcoQuest staff, all of whom are fully versed and trained in all of our standard operating procedures.

If ever you feel uneasy about a particular activity or condition, you are encouraged to express this sentiment to a staff member who is part of the delivery team for your course or workshop, or indeed to the Operations Manager. Your participation in EcoQuest should in no way compromise your feelings of personal health or safety and you have both the right and the responsibility to refrain from doing anything with which you are uncomfortable. Where specific guidelines are absent, EcoQuest advises both students and staff to be prudent and conservative in their assessment of appropriate behaviour. If you are to err, we hope that it will be on the side of caution.

Code of Conduct

Students as Ambassadors

While enrolled in EcoQuest programs and courses, please keep in mind that your behaviour, either positive or negative, will reflect on EcoQuest. We foster an inclusive attitude, cultural awareness and sensitivity among our students. We expect our students to be polite, mature, enthusiastic, and open-minded. EcoQuest has close ties to the communities in which we operate. The success of our programs and courses relies on maintaining positive relationships with a wide variety of individuals and organizations. Students who do not act responsibly undermine the intent of EcoQuest and jeopardize the unique educational opportunities it provides. Positive impressions will open many doors for you, your tutors, and EcoQuest.

In particular, you are required to:

  • Refrain from carrying out or causing any act which:
    • threatens the safety and well-being of other students or members of the EcoQuest community;
    • might damage, misuse or misappropriate EcoQuest intellectual and/or physical property;
    • causes disruption to, or interference with the objectives and operation of EcoQuest, or 
    • constitute an improper relationship between a staff member and the student.
  • Comply with the health and safety procedures established by EcoQuest, under which students should report:
    • Any incidents and accidents they observe; 
    • Any hazardous conditions and unsafe acts they observe; 
    • Cases where operating procedures were considered to be inadequate or inappropriate, and
    • Modify activities if personal judgement dictates that operating procedures fail to match changed circumstances or conditions; 
  • Attend all teaching sessions & fully participate. Maintaining a positive attitude and supporting others in the team is an essential part of the EcoQuest experience.
  • Notify staff if unable to attend classes or meet deadlines for any reason.
  • Complete all course work and assessment tasks.
  • Be punctual and keep to the schedule for all activities. Tardiness may prevent you from being able to participate in the day's activity, and it may be impossible in such instances to make up missed work.
  • Make sure all your work is secure to prevent others from accessing or copying it.
  • Refrain from using mobile phones during any timetabled activities.

Honesty is a core value at EcoQuest

We expect and require members of our learning community to conduct themselves with integrity. This means we adhere to the pursuit of academic work in a truthful manner, free from deception or fraud. We take a hard line on plagiarism (unattributed use of the ideas, evidence, or words of another person, or the conveying of the false impression that the arguments and writing in a paper are the student’s own), cheating (presenting the work of other students as one’s own, or assisting another student to do so; violating the conditions governing examinations), seeking undue advantage and/or disadvantaging others.

Rules & Guidelines


Alcohol can diminish the capacity to participate safely and effectively in the courses and workshops we offer.  

We expect learners to refrain from drinking during course / workshop sessions and of course students must not attend class intoxicated. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in disciplinary action. 

Responsible consumption of alcohol is permitted for individuals who are 18+ years of age, but we will not tolerate intoxicated or disorderly behaviour.

You may never drink alcohol less than twelve hours prior any water-related activity.


The use or possession of prohibited drugs is illegal. If you carry or use drugs (including the recreational use of prescription medicines), or are suspected of doing so, while on an EcoQuest course you will face disciplinary action which may result in expulsion from the course and/or be reported to the police.

Should it suspect a violation, EcoQuest reserves the right to search for and confiscate illegal drugs.

Discrimination and Harassment

It is the policy of EcoQuest Education Foundation to uphold the legal rights of all members of EcoQuest community and to abide by all relevant laws and EcoQuest policies applicable to discrimination and harassment. 

In accordance with those laws and policies, all members of the EcoQuest community will be responsible for maintaining an environment that is free of discrimination and harassment based on race, colour, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, or marital status. 

Therefore, no member of the EcoQuest community may engage in discriminatory or harassing behaviour within the jurisdiction of EcoQuest that unjustly interferes with any individual's required tasks, career opportunities, learning, or participation in life at EcoQuest.


All in-door spaces and vehicles at EcoQuest are smoke free. If necessary we can provide designated smoking areas.


EcoQuest advises students to keep in mind the risks associated with sexual activity, including sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.  If students choose to be sexually active, we assume that they will act responsibly and take the appropriate precautions.


We welcome family and friends as visitors, and provide the following guidelines: 

Should students want to meet up with family or friends while enrolled in an EcoQuest program, we encourage visits during non-teaching time, or during breaks.   

Students have a responsibility to make prior arrangements with EcoQuest management and staff for planned visits. Should visitors arrive unexpectedly, students are to notify EcoQuest management or staff on arrival of their visitors.  

All visitors are expected to comply with the EcoQuest Health & Safety requirements. In particular all visitors must be signed in before coming on site.

Accommodation for visitors cannot be provided at EcoQuest delivery sites.