Health & Wellbeing

EcoQuest aims to provide and maintain, so far as is practicable, a safe, productive, and enjoyable sustainable learning community (see How We Operate).

Students are encouraged at all times to voice any concerns, problems and/or complaints, so  we can safeguard the well-being of all members of the EcoQuest community, and an atmosphere of openness and trust is maintained at all times.

EcoQuest promotes a diverse and inclusive learning environment. We undertake to provide a culturally safe environment for all learners. Field Leaders are on hand to assist students with any issues of  wellbeing and pastoral care.

It is recognised that not all students may feel able to approach the field leaders (or other staff), and students will have the option to nominate one person (for a designated period of time, or on a rotational basis) to be the spokesperson on behalf of other individuals or the whole group.

In the event of conflict, regardless of on which side of the conflict situation the student finds themselves, they are supported by the field leader.  Additional staff will be made available if:

  • for whatever reason, a student is not comfortable with the field leader;
  • there is conflict between students, and more than one student advocate is needed;
  • no satisfactory outcomes are achieved following mediation or conflict resolution meetings;
  • the student and/or field leader indicate(s) that additional support is desired/needed.

In the event of the need for external counselling and/or medical support, the field leader is available to assist the student to contact the appropriate providers.  If required, EcoQuest will provide transport to and from medical facilities, outside counselling services, for medical assistance, support, and/or crisis intervention.

Health Services

Emergency Services (Ambulance, Police, Fire):  Dial  111.

Anyone can call Healthline free on 0800 611 116 for health advice and information, anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Students are encouraged to contact the on-call field leader (or another staff member they trust) first in case of crisis or emergency. However, personal emergency and counselling & advice service phone numbers (including Auckland HELP Foundation, Rape Crisis, Family Planning Association, support services associated with various churches etc.) will be made available to all students during orientation.

For courses run at the EcoQuest field centre these are Health Services and providers that are in close proximity:

Thames Medical Centre
817 Rolleston Street Thames
ph:  07 - 868 9444 (24 hrs)

Thames Hospital Accident & Emergency Services
Mackay Street Thames         
ph:  07 - 868 0040 (24hrs)

Hauraki Plains Health Centre, Ngatea
ph: 07 867 7521

Thames Community Mental Health Service
606 Mary Street, Thames
ph: 07-868 0041 - 0800 080 339

0800 505050 (crisis team 24hrs)

Equivalent details of health services for courses  / course components run from locations other than the EcoQuest field centre, will be provided to students during orientation.

Learning Support

Our high ratio of staff to students aims to ensure a high-quality experience.  EcoQuest provides the necessary physical resources to enable students to fully participate. Unless stated otherwise, we provide transport for field trips and field visits.

Staff review learning experiences with the students on a regular basis, to make sure that the materials and their relevance in the context of the program are understood.  If students require revision opportunities, these can be provided; if remedial instruction is needed, EcoQuest may be able to help the students access relevant services.

Qualified field staff provide skills-training for activities that are necessary to participate in the programs in accordance with the EcoQuest Risk Management processes.

EcoQuest provides up to date reference materials relevant to all courses, and students have internet access.

Depending on the course and student's needs, EcoQuest runs workshops or tutorials (e.g. study skills, writing, data analysis).